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ATD Pro Connect is a place for professionals across talent and development to share ideas, provide insights and discuss development strategies that work.  It's made of three seperate initiatives to inspire and support your work as a talent professional:

* ATD EPA Blog-->  This blog focuses specifically on what works for talent leaders within our community.  Bringing together some of the most well educated and experienced professionals from our chapter, sharing their insights from a variety of topics related to all the requirements of us as talent professionals.  For more information, directly connect here: https://tdeasternpa.org/blog

* Member Spotlight--> With so many talented professionals across the ATD Eastern Pennsylvania chapter, we wanted to share their stories and what makes them so great at their roles!  See how some of our members are working with some of the premiere organizations across the globe delivering training and professional development initiatives. All of our members have a story to tell, a road to share what brought them into this professional space and innovative responses to the responsibilities their roles bring.  Connect with us to share your story, and see your member colleague stories here:  https://tdeasternpa.org/MEMBERSPOTLIGHT

* TD Micro Tips-->  Our chapter has a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of resources to boot!  Listen in to these microsessions and pick up practical everyday tips from some of the top consultants, vendors, and development leaders around.  Each presenters will share 3-5 insights that can be applied to your every day job as you navigate the intricacies of developing people and supporting talent initiatives: https://www.tdeasternpa.org/TD-PRO-TIPS

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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