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Easter PA ASTD Board Meeting Minutes, July 10, 2014

07/11/2014 3:33 PM | Deleted user

The meeting began at 8:00 am at Wegman’s, Bethlehem.  In attendance were Karen Lubrecht, Doris Clegg, Marilyn Marles, Dana Zamolyi, Liz Kleintop, and, on the phone, Martha Teel and Jim Byrnes.


September meeting -- Linda Mills has accepted our invitation to be the lead for our September meeting.  Martha will reach out to her to put the final touch on the details.  Other related tasks for the meeting are:

  • Sharing of the details of the event, including day, time, location, title, Ms. Mills’ bio, number of volunteers needed, etc. (Martha Teel)
  • Recruiting volunteers to support the event (Jim Byrnes)
  • Marketing the event (Dana Zamolyi; Suzanne Wagner)

We need to get information together and to members as soon as we can to give them time to register and attend.

Question – any outstanding questions about the registration fee, etc. for the event?

December meeting – The group expressed interest in discussion three assessments used in training by drawing on our members who are certified to use various assessments.  The event could be preceded by those attending completing instruments prior to the meeting then our member leaders providing exercises, debriefing the assessments, and discussing the limits of the assessments.  Moving ahead we need to:

  • Reach out to members to determine our experts in assessments and who of those will participate in the December meeting (Liz Kleintop)

  • Put together a December program committee comprised of the members who will be participating in the program; “staffing” to be provided by Liz Kleintop and Martha Teel.

Chapter Leadership

Member Survey -- The 2013 member survey instrument was previously sent to the board for review; Liz Kleintop will send it again.

  • Task:  Review the instrument and forward comments and suggestions to Liz Kleintop by July 25, 2014 (All Board Members).

ATD Express – in and effort to determine member concerns and interests, the Board will restart the Express meetings that were discontinued last year.  At these meetings members’ interest in joining the Board for 2015 can also be assessed.  The Express meetings will start in two weeks and will alternate between mornings and early evenings and vary locations down the Route 22 corridor.

  • Liz Kleintop will hold the first ATD Express at the Wegman’s Allentown on West Tilghman Street, at 8 am on Wednesday, July 23.
  • Future ATD Express meetings

Thursday, July 31 --- Bethlehem Wegman’s at 8 am (Liz Kleintop)

Thursday, August 7 – Easton Wegman’s at 8 am (Liz Kleintop)

Monday, August 11, Bethlehem Twp Panera’s @ Rte. 33 at 4:30 pm (Liz Kleintop)

Tuesday, August 13, Panera’s Rt. 512, Bethlehem at 4:30 pm (Liz Kleintop)

  • Liz Kleintop asked other Board Members to also meet with members at other times and locations.
  • Task:  Send a email to members listing meeting days, times, and places along with the purpose of the meetings (Liz Kleintop, Suzanne Wagner)
  • Task:  Board Members planning to meet with members please let Liz know the date, time, and location of the meetings (All Board Members)

Also discussed were ideas for a retreat of current board members and members who will move into board roles for 2015; moving board meetings to locations other than Wegman’s Bethlehem and times other than 8 am; determining the competencies of members and what they are willing to share with each other. (Note:  Wild Apricot as evidenced only by our chapter web site appears not to have the facilities to catalog members’ individual competencies.)

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