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ATD Express Report - The First Meeting

07/23/2014 6:03 PM | Deleted user

A group of four met this morning at Wegman's in Allentown to discuss the chapter and how it can meet members' needs.  The group had the following ideas listed here with little editing:

  • A reciprocal relationship with the Philadelphia and Central PA chapters that would allow members of those chapters and Eastern PA to attend each others' events at a member rate.
  • A more robust web site with more links to information, such as more information about trends.
  • Events should be about the topic of the evening but also have time for discussion among attendees.  The World Cafe event is a great of example of this.
  • Meetings need to be planned six months or more ahead, including the content; subject matter pushes attendance.
  • More communications are needed to members, including a more robust website, state of the industry trends on a regular basis.  More blog postings may help.
  • Communications need more content, including more visual content to catch people's eyes so they read the message.
  • People have difficulty getting away from work for day time programs.  A virtual ATD Express meeting may be of use.
Thank you to Joe, Doris, and Karen for coming to this first ATD Express meeting.

The next ATD Express is Thursday, 7/31, at Wegmans Bethlehem, 8 am.

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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