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Board Meeting Minutes, Wegman's Bethlehem, 8 am

09/12/2014 8:55 AM | Deleted user


Jim Byrnes

Joane Hockenberry

Liz Kleintop

Martha Teel, on the phone

Agenda Items and Discussion

1.  Next week’s event -- 20 registrations; 2 no pay; Mary Francis managing room and set up; speaker confirmed.  Jim and Martha to do the MC duties for the event.  Rick Kerner sent out marketing message; need to get some more people; Liz will contact Dana and see if she can push something out to try last minute registrations.

2.  Oct 20 - 22 Instructional Design Certificate

A surprise arrived in Liz’s email yesterday -- National scheduled a certificate program in October 2014.  Suzanne did these in the past.  Liz will contact Suzanne and get the relevant information about DeSales, past costs, etc. and who to contact.  Jim can help with any interaction with DeSales.

3.  Board Members Confirmed 2015

Joan Zachary, Director of Internals SIG

Suzanne Wagner, VP Communication & Technology

Dana Zamolyi, VP Marketing

Joseanne Pisano, VP Finance

Jim Byrnes, VP Membership for one more year

Karen Lubrecht, Director for eLearning SIG

Positions open for 2015



VP Programs

Director of Externals

Jim is going to check with a contact up in Wilkes-Barre to see if there is any interest in that person pursuing the Pocono GIG.

Jim suggests an information session about board membership to talk with people who may be interested in being part of the board.  

Liz will get the member survey out within the next week.  Add a question to the survey would members want to see events with speakers driving the industry, provide examples, and ask people how much they would be willing to spend to attend events with these people.

Also ask how many events people want to attend in a year -- 4 quarterly events, 2 bigger events, smaller SIG based events.

Jim will set up a meeting with some prospective board members at Just Born to discuss board roles, etc.  Jim will let Liz know of meeting day and time to attend.  Other board members are encouraged to attend to interact with prospects, too. 

Meeting ended at 8:55 am


  • 09/15/2014 10:30 AM | Rick Kerner (Administrator)
    Just a correction to the Board Members list in Item #3: Mary Frances Mika will be taking over my position as Director of the Best Practices for Internals SIG.
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