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November Board Meeting

11/14/2014 8:00 AM | Deleted user

This was an online meeting of the Board.  Attendance included

Suzanne Wagner

Martha Teel

Jim Byrnes

Marilyn Marles

Mary Frances Mika

Lizabeth Kleintop

Ballot for 2015 Board

The ballot for the 2015 board stands as follows

President                                    vacant

President-Elect                            vacant

VP Finance                                 Mary Frances Mika

VP Membership & Volunteers       Jim Byrnes

VP Program & Events                  vacant

VP Communication                      Pooja Rudra

VP Technology                            Suzanne Wagner

VP Marketing                              Dana Zamolyi

Director Consultants SIG               vacant

Director Internals SIG                  Joan Zachary

eLearning SIG                             Karen Lubrecht

Liz reported on nominations for the board from the membership.  One person responded to the request for nominations.  Liz contacted everyone nominated.  Andy Cook turned down a nomination for VP of Marketing but would gladly stay on as a director at large.  Joan Zachary was nominated for president but declined.  Others nominated are on the ballot shown above.

Jim reported on the meeting at Just Born.  He completed the meeting with five volunteers for the board from the event.  Seven attended.  He and Rick Kerner did an overview with the attendees.  Jim will send out an email today with the names of those attending.  That email will contain the roles the individuals attending are interested in pursuing.

Thank you Jim for setting this up and carrying it out;  thanks Rick for participating.  Interest was expressed many those attending.  Thank you Joane Hockenberry for hosting!

Board Member Task  Each board member please reach out to the attendee expressing interest in supporting your function.  Ask them about their interests in the area and their willingness to support the function in a role next year.  Please report back to Liz by Tuesday next week on the discussion; she will forward that information to all board members.

A discussion ensued relative to transitioning new board members and dealing with the president and president-elect vacancies. 

Marilyn suggested that new people to the board take on co-chair positions as a way of transitioning into the full role.  Current board members could hold on for another six months to mentor them into the full role.  Martha indicated she will do that for programs (thank you!).  Liz will help someone transition into the president’s role.

Jim suggested a group of the board get together some evening to come up with leadership ideas for next year.  Jim said he would be willing to lead a transitional type of leadership team into next year.  A meeting would be useful to plan for next year which is also a strategic planning year for the chapter.

Board Member Task  Transition Committee Meeting --  The group discussed a meeting to plan for 2015 leadership and decided to meet at Wegman’s, Tilghman Street, Allentown, Monday, December 1, 5:30 pm.  Liz will send out the invitation to all the current board members requesting their attendance.  The goal of the meeting is to discuss chapter leadership for 2015, transitioning in new board members, and preparing for strategic planning.

December 11 Meeting

Martha requested that the Chapter provide an honorarium to our speaker, Shane Burcaw of $250 for his nonprofit organization.

Those in attendance agreed to the $250 honorarium and to paying Mr. Burcaw’s transportation costs for attending.

Marilyn stated that past practice of the board was to give every speaker at least a $25 gesture, money or book or gift card; no one left empty handed.  The amount was at the discretion of the board.  Item for next year’s board – put parameters around the honorarium given to speakers.

We should get a photo of giving the honorarium to Mr. Burcaw and do a press release on the meeting. 

Dana, will you please take care of this.

The decision was made to cap attendance for the event at 50.  Anyone who can please bring giveaways to the event.

Chapter CORE Submission for 2015

Liz told the group she would manage completing and submitting the Core to National due January 15, 2015.  She will also reach out to the membership for someone else to assist with this, at Marilyn’s suggestion.  That person would then be trained to do the 2016 CORE submission.


Marilyn – The consultants’ forum is going well; 9 or 10 were at each of the last meetings.  Some members were lost to membership due to relocation.  All going well.  She would like others to step up into leadership positions.  Someone will report to the board on the activities of the consultants’ forum next year.  The trip in on route 22 for a board meeting is a two hour round trip ride; it is tough to get anyone to do this.

Mary Frances – everyone should have received their reimbursement checks from ALC; if you have not received yours, please contact Mary Frances.  The chapter’s cash balance in excess of $12,000.  Martha how do we transition credit cards to new members.  We need to standardize our process for handing over accounts.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47am.

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