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Eastern PA ATD December 2014 Board Meeting

12/19/2014 8:32 AM | Deleted user

8:00 until 8:30 am
online through GoToMeeting

Attending:  Liz Kleintop, Suzanne Wagner, Martha Teel

December Meeting

Mary Frances did a fabulous job for the last two events as host at B. Braun.  The holiday decorations were just beautiful.  Martha is really appreciative of all Mary Frances’ work on behalf of the chapter.  From all of us, thank you, Mary Frances.

Attendance at the event was good and a lot of door prizes came along with them.  Mary Frances had a great idea of using restaurant.com gift certificates.

Finance Report, Mary Frances provided a report through email.

Interim Election Report

As of this morning, 10 members have voted.

Results so far,

President                   4 write ins, no acceptances

President-Elect         2 write ins, Karen Lubrecht, one no acceptance

VP Finance                Mary Frances Mika (10)

VP Membership & Volunteers       1 write in, Andy Cook

VP Program & Events                                    1 write in, one no acceptance

VP Communication                          Pooja Rudra (10)

VP Technology                                              Suzanne Wagner (10)

VP Marketing                                                Dana Zamolyi (10)

Director, Consultants SIG               2 write ins, Robyn Defelice, Marilyn Marles

Director, Internals SIG                                Joan Zachary (10)

Director, eLearning SIG                   Karen Lubrecht (10)

Poll to run through December 31.

Suzanne will send out a text message to members to try and get more to vote by Monday. 


Suzanne Wagner – talked with Mary Conely, Philadelphia ATD (works for Teva Pharmaceutical) suggested that if our chapter was having problem could look to a relationship, maybe a GIG, with Philly.

Martha reached out to Joane Hockenbury and Amanda Loch about VP of Program and Events but hasn’t heard back from them.  Martha did say she would assist with the March meeting only.

Liz will file the CORE by January 15.

Jim Byrnes has decided not to continue his work on the Board.  Thank you, Jim, for your work for the Chapter.

Liz expressed thanks to Martha and Suzanne for the work on programs and communication they have put in this year.  Also, she thanked Joan, Marilyn, and Karen for the work on the SIGs and keeping them moving ahead.  Programming is the heart of the chapter and, through the work of these board members, has kept the chapter providing value to members.

Happy Holidays everyone!

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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