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Eastern PA ATD April 2015 Board Meeting

04/14/2015 10:34 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

 Eastern PA ATD Chapter

Board meeting minutes

10 April 2015 at noon


5000 Wegmans Drive

Bethlehem, PA 18017 

Board Members:


In person


Erin DeStefanis

Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu

Karen Lubrecht

Marilyn Marles

Peggy Salvatore

Pooja Rudra

Joan Zachary

Suzanne Wagner

Dana Zamolyi




Kate Jendral


Mary Frances Mika


Rick Kerner


Joel Zingone


Andy Cook

Others Present:


  • Meeting called to order at noon by Co-President, Karen Lubrecht

  • Co-President, Karen Lubrecht

She wants to work in committees and on our own outside of the Board Meeting and review and synthesize the information here to keep us efficient.

Central PA has invited us to their 5 May event on Gamification with Karl Kapp at member prices. Suzanne will add it as a member benefit on our website.

  • VP of Finance Report, Mary Frances Mika

The submitted financial report is attached below.

  • Admin from Suzanne Wagner – Suzanne will handle website changes to bring us in compliance with rebranding and keeping the site current.  After that she will move to other requested changes.
  • Communications from Pooja Rudra –

Quarterly promotional emails have been set up for POWER Memberships and a standing POWER Membership block has been added to the monthly communication emails. This meets the CARE requirement.

~        4 “Opt-Outs” from Email Communications since January

~         5-10 email addresses bounce back per email and do not reach the intended recipient

~         20-30% email open rate, but seems consistent with previous numbers

 HOWEVER, very high click rates on Job Posting emails – can we add a constant feature to our monthly emails? How are job postings added/communicated?

Email templates – is everyone satisfied with the templates that are used to send out emails? Color patterns have been changed since the ATD rebranding.

Information about the upcoming gamification workshop with Karl Kapp, sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Chapter, will be included in the newsletter.

  • Membership and Volunteers from Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu –
Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu was able to attend virtually; this was her first board meeting as VP of Membership.  Karen and Joan will meet with her in the next couple of weeks to talk more about membership.
  • Programs and Events from Erin DeStefanis – Committee report attached
Erin stated that she needs to get a robust program committee populated and ready to provide the content that will attract our members to our meetings and events.  She has four people now and would like to bring the total up to 8 – 12.  She would then lead and delegate to get a good schedule going.
            We discussed the revitalization of the Reading Geographic Interest Group.  Richard Kramer and Pam Glenn were mentioned as possible leaders for this initiative.
            Erin would like to hold a quick session before each general membership meeting.  She originally thought this would be a place to present and discuss best practices in the talent development industry, but concern was raised that this sounded too much like what we already do in the Best Practices for Internals SIG, as well as the Consultants Forum.  However, some time before the meeting for onboarding of new members would be welcome.  Meloney will play a role in that as VP of membership.
            We also discussed recording part of the meeting as a teaser for prospective members, as well as those who have not been active recently.  Pooja will get permission from our June presenter to record her.  As a risk management measure, we will ask for permission to record, using a signed document.  We will also take care to zoom in on the speaker only, and not record any Q&A.
            Erin asked who has details on past events.  Peggy suggested that she contact Suzanne Weaver, who was VP of Programs in 2013 and kept good records.
            Pooja is still waiting to hear from the Courtyard in Bethlehem about sponsorship for our June meeting, which will significantly affect the pricing.  She should be able to make a decision on Monday. 
            The Lehigh County Bar Association was also suggested as a possible meeting venue, in downtown Allentown.  They use the Allentown Brew Works as their caterer.
  • Best Practices for Interals SIG from Joan Zachary –

The March meeting was cancelled because of weather.  May will be at Buckeye Partners in Emmaus, where we will talk about Distractions, Disruptions and Detours.

  • Book Club from Joel Zingone – 
Due to a freak snowstorm, no one attended the first meeting, but Joel Zingone is still moving forward and planning for next quarter’s meeting, when we hope snow will not be an issue.
  • Marketing from Dana Zamolyi -

Dana will be more available in the months to come and wants to get caught up.  We provided her with a job description for the VP of Marketing.

  • Consultants Forum SIG from Marilyn Marles –
11 in all attended the last meeting including Meloney Dosunmu who is new to consulting. Regular intros & recap of CF "business", followed by Rich Kordel's presentation & theoretical discussion of Graphics & Communications completed the meeting.
  • eLearning SIG from Karen Lubrecht –
The April and July meetings have been listed. Registration is low for April, but we have two weeks.

The upcoming meeting, held virtually, will be on mobile training.  Karen is working with the presenters to keep it from just becoming a “commercial.”

  • Extended Board meeting:  Erin has graciously offered one of her employer’s meeting rooms at the National Association of Colleges and Employers, to use for an extended board meeting.  We have found that we don’t have enough time to handle some of the more time-consuming issues, so we can really get activities and duties rolling for the rest of the year.  Some possible dates were discussed and Karen will create a poll to help us make a decision.  It was suggested that we should find a good facilitator (perhaps Erin herself).  We will use this time to refine responsibilities and do some strategic planning for the rest of the year and beyond.  Our next regular board meeting is scheduled for May 8, but may be rolled into the extended meeting if we can find a suitable date in May.

  • Other issues:  Karen asks that everyone use their chapter email addresses for correspondence, for continuity.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:47 pm

Minutes submitted by:

Joan Zachary


  2014 - 2015 ATD Eastern Chapter

Program and Events Committee

Monday, April 6, 2015

7:00 -7:40 p.m. ET


In Attendance

Erin DeStefanis

Maria Georgiou


Carole-Anne Minski

Not Present

Doris Clegg

I.              Welcome & Roll Call
II.            Identification of program topics & setting expectations
a.    Survey membership prior to program planning
b.    Pulse check eliminates risk
c.    Do we have the capability to survey new and existing members?
d.    It is important to consider ATD Competency Model-https://www.td.org/Certification/Competency-Model
e.    Member and future members have varying needs
III.         Strategy and programming should be inclusive of competency model
IV.          Review of planned events
a.    June event- dates and times to be determined. Maria will provide on-site support.
b.    Minimal programming consist of one professional development opportunity and one holiday party.
c.    Ideal programming consist of two roundtables- one member focused (best practices) and one outreach focused (CEO breakfast) in addition to two planned events.
d.    Think big – plan practically.
e.    Uniqueness of meeting space will increase intrigue and interest.
V.           Request for Proposals
a.    Discussion on price points is in process
b.    15-30-60 attendees, meals, projector, wireless to be considered
c.    Best Western most competitive at this point.
VI.          Action Items
a.    Review all available information for June event
b.    Erin to follow up with Blue, Braveheart, and Hamilton Kitchen.
c.    Maria to follow up with Donegal Square and Hilton Garden Inn. Erin to provide contact info for Maria.
d.    Doodle poll for May meeting to be distributed in the week of 4/27/2015.
e.    Committee members needed for 2014-2015 program planning. Include in newsletter.

April Financial Report

Submitted by Mary Frances A. Mika, PHR, Treasurer

Checking - Beginning Balance   $12,512.75
                  Deposits                    +      30.00
                  Debits                        -     490.26
                  Ending Balance        $12,052.49

Checks were 207.66 for our new imprinted banner and 282.60 for food at the Best Western for the Chapter
meeting. The deposit for registration for the chapter meeting.

Saving - Beginning Balance        $13,726.66
              Credits                            +          .84      
              Debits                              -        5.00
              Ending Balance             $13,722.50

The credit is interest and the debit was a dormant acct charge.  This should not happen in the future as I will
transfer a small amount from checking into savings to avoid this charge. 

I also paid the Wild Apricot invoice for $480 on March 9th.  This account is set up to pull from our Pay Pal
account so you don't see it on the bank statement.

We need to discuss investment options if that's something we want to pursue for the chapter.

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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