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Eastern PA ATD May 2015 Board Meeting

06/02/2015 12:40 AM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

 Eastern PA ATD Chapter

Extended Board Meeting Summary

26 May 2013      6 pm – 9 pm


National Association of Colleges and Employers

62 Highland Ave

Bethlehem, PA


Board Members:

Present:     Karen Lubrecht                           Joan Zachary

                 Pooja Rudra                               Dana Zamolyi

                  Erin DeStefanis                           Marilyn Marles

                  Peggy Salvatore


Absent:      Suzanne Wagner                         Mary Frances Mika

                Meloney Sallie-Dosunmu


The informal meeting started at 6 pm by Joan Zachary and Karen Lubrecht guided by the attached agenda.

Business Acumen Worksheet

For the sake of time and due to the agenda items, board members are expected to complete the worksheet, scan it and email it to Joan by 5-Jun-15. She will compile the results.

Changes in board members

Joan shared that she had been contacted by Meloney on her way in. Due to the expansion of commitments, Meloney found it necessary to step down as VP of Membership. Up to this point, she had not managed to address any of the responsibilities of the position. During the course of the meeting and after looking at the old job description, Dana agreed to consider the time requirements with the possibility of moving from VP of Marketing to VP of Membership. She will let Karen know her decision in a few days. Mary Frances has given advance notice that she will be unable to continue as VP of Finances in 2016. She will help on-board our next officer. It is possible that the position of VP of Marketing can be absorbed by the VP of Communications and VP of Admin in addition to the rest of the board.

Common items will be removed from the job descriptions and posted separately so as to avoid having the positions looking overwhelming. The common items are shared and provide collaborative support.

Board members are to begin a tabulation of the steps required to complete the responsibilities of their positions and the location of the relevant files. Chapter email addresses are to be used in order to track conversations and avoid missing contacts.

Richard Fletcher’s CARE Requirement Planner

The form was reviewed with the decision that most of the items have been met. Board meeting minutes are kept, but not made available to the members. When recorded they are posted when possible. These should be added to the website.

Board job descriptions have been updated, but are being revised again.

We are working on the risk assessment. It is detailed and not easily printed or viewed on the large display screen. Board members will work on their sections. The final compilation will be completed by Karen.

The IRS forms have been submitted and the audit is being scheduled. The previous auditor will be used.

A budget is being created from the expense that we have been able to identify, proposed events and the current balance in checking and savings.

Discussion was held about the meaning of the joint activities and it was determined that the portions have been completed. The annual survey is run in the fall.

Verification of joint membership of board members is being addressed.

The website has been rebranded. Suzanne continues to keep the website as current as possible. Discussion is beginning on the redesign of the website, but it will require more time than we currently have available.

The annual report is compiled for delivery at our holiday meeting at the end of the year.

Proposed Budget

Discussion of the proposed budget to identify funds available for programs was begun based on current and past expenditures, anticipated membership funds and current checking account and savings balances.

The value added by ALC warrants sending those board members who are able to attend. Expectations are for double occupancy with the difference for singles paid by the member desiring this arrangement.

The Chamber of Commerce membership needs to be for the chapter. Peggy will check to see that this is the case.

The fee for the use of Mint instead of QuickBooks needs to be identified.

The need for Constant Contact was discussed. There may be options within Wild Apricot or another vendor may provide more value. Pooja will check out the situation.

Karen has requested a budget of $200 or more for the President to allow for food at Board Meetings to honor these individuals for the time that they spend on chapter duties.

Discussion was held with respect to the honorarium that should be paid to speakers at our chapter meetings whether or not they are chapter members. While there was agreement that this should become policy, the criteria for the speakers and the amount of the honorarium was not resolved.

Pooja and Erin will create a survey to aid in identifying the topics that are most relevant to the membership and will provide maximum value. It was suggested that a short presentation on Poll Everywhere and its use should be included, so that real-time data could be collected at the meetings.

Karen proposed that the Consultants Forum be provided with funds to cover the venue. As it stands, participants pay to cover the $35 monthly fee. This is the only SIG that requires it. Since no free location is available, the chapter should help. Due to the overlap of membership with the Central PA Chapter, only a portion of the amount was suggested with the rest being asked of the Central PA Chapter. Marilyn will take the suggestion back to the Forum for their Friday meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 9 pm


Minutes submitted by:

Karen Lubrecht

Proposed budget for ATD EPA








Wild Apricot for 2 years



Alc Conference - 8 members -

Individual $195 ($175 Early Bird if registered before July 31)                         Team $780 (5 leaders from the same chapter)


   car rental



   hotel -

$174/night offered for your stay between 10/7-10/12 if ordered by Sept 16


   tolls and gas



Insurance - Hartford



Chamber of Commerce Membership

Needs to be updated to an organization membership?


Quickbooks annual fee

This should be the Mint fee.





Constant Contact



   monthly connection - 10.09 x 12



   annual payment & discount

133.56; updated by Pooja to $126


Discretion of President

 board rewards, etc





   speakers- fees and honorariums






   door prizes



   discount meals to members



   buffer and misc.

cover unexpected and supplies such as nametags








Consultants Forum

Contribute part of venue fee of $35/mo for 11 mo




Ending Balance in Checking at the end of April - $13,728.48




membership est. - 150 x $45


Extended Board Meeting


26 May 2015



Action Item


Date Due



 Attendee Survey for meetings

Erin and Pooja


 Ready for print


 Locate onboarding training by Suzanne Weaver





 Check with Chamber of Commerce about status





 Check possibility of advertising virtual events on ATD





 Check pricing and analytics for Constant Contact





 Begin documenting process details for their responsibilities

Each Board member




 Complete Business Acumen, scan and send to Joan

Each Board member




 In a new tab, complete portions of the Risk Assessment relevant to position; As appropriate, mark items n/a

Each Board member




 Post minutes of the board meeting on website





 Review items in the proposed budget

Mary Frances and the board




 Discuss the possibility of the chapter covering part of the Forum venue fee





 Check to see if online meetings can be marketed on the ATD site






















ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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