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Eastern PA ATD June 2015 Board Meeting

06/16/2015 12:37 AM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

 Eastern PA ATD Chapter

Board Meeting Minutes

12 June 2015



Board Members:

Present:   (checked)

o   Andy Cook

o   Erin DeStefanis

o   Kate Jendral

  • Rick Kerner

o   Lizabeth Kleintop

ü  Karen Lubrecht

ü  Marilyn Marles

ü  Mary Frances Mika

  • Pooja Rudra
  • Peggy Salvatore

ü  Suzanne Wagner

ü  Joan Zachary

  • Dana Zamolyi
  • Joel Zingone

Others Present:


The meeting was opened withThe recording started at noon.

Including her own, Joan has five (5) replies to her request for completion of the Business Acumen worksheet. She will wait a couple days for others, compile results and provide Richard with the results. Marilyn and Suzanne will be sending theirs to Joan.

We skipped over the question of the conversion of our Chamber of Commerce membership until Peggy could join us.

There were no submissions of responsibilities due by the end of July, so Karen is assuming that everyone expects to meet their obligations. If help is recognized moving forward, people should contact Karen.

Tuesday’s Chapter meeting is set with door prizes welcome. The latter can be brought to the meeting with a business card included so that credit is given. The nametags, surveys and technology are in place. Appropriate refunds for the meeting have been completed.

With Dana’s move to the VP Membership position, we are in need of a VP of Marketing. Joan’s ad will be used on the slide show on Tuesday, the newsletter and blog. Marilyn asked about approaching a past VP of Marketing to help describe the job to a potential candidate, but this position has been vacant for about 3 years.

Mary Frances’ Financial report is attached in Appendix A. She is waiting for estimates for audit levels from the accountant who did ours previously.

Erin is working on a funding request for Programs and Events to be added to the budget. She hopes to have one by Monday.

Mary Frances will look into a Money Market account in order to earn interest on our balance while we look into spending it. We need to be sure to have access to the funds. Optimally, we will find appropriate programs to bring value to our membership.

Karen hasn’t reached Kate with respect to the Pocono/Scranton GIGs. She had mentioned that there was interest in meetings in the area, but nothing has been planned to this point. Marilyn suggested that the two members of the Consultants Forum might be good candidates for the group. Karen will continue to attempt to make contact.

There is a Best Practices for Internals SIG meeting scheduled for July 10th. The topic has been chosen and marketing will go out.

Marilyn’s report from the Consultants forum is attached in Appendix B.  We hope for support of Carol-Anne Minski’s book signing on Sunday June 28 at the Moravian Book Store at 1pm.

Karen reported that the July 20th eLearning SIG meeting on active learning will be of interest to those beyond the eLearning community and she is hoping for a good turnout.

  • Richard Fletcher has invited the group to next Tuesday’s monthly NAC call. The agenda is below in Appendix C.

  • Due to the PowerMembership requirement for Board members, payment of PowerMembership will be made for 1 year for board members who are unable to afford it. There is a precedent. If they step down from their position, they would be responsible for reimbursing the Chapter for the fee.

  • Date and location of the next Board meeting:

·         10 July, noon – 1 pm

·         online at:


Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (646) 749-3122
Access Code: 213-387-701
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 213-387-701

Meeting Adjourned at 12:31 pm

Minutes submitted by:  Karen Lubrecht

Appendix A: Financial Report for April from Mary Frances Mika

I have emailed the Accountants who did our last audit.  The gentleman gave me some good info and walked me through the process. He said last time he did a review of our accounts.  He can do that for us again.  I was happy to find out that I can send him what he needs electronically and he will contact me with any questions he has, so the time commitment on my end will not be much at all. My last email to him was to schedule it for July and I have not heard back from him yet.

Just wondering if you talked about investments at the extended board meeting.  We currently gain approx. $11 a year on our savings.  I'm wondering if we can't grow that more?  mf


Beginning balance -               $12,330.87

Deposit - membership dues - $    234.24

Check - refund to Doris Clegg - $  30.00

Ending balance -                    $12,535.11


Beginning balance - $13,728.43

Interest                     $           .90

Ending balance        $13,729.33


Appendix B: The Consultants Forum Update for April from Marilyn Marles:

To ATD Eastern PA Chapter Board

Hi all,

The Consultants Forum met on May 29 with just a small group to enjoy Dr. Carol-Anne Minski’s session on The Art of Juggling.

She showed us that the way to begin to learn to juggle is with colorful scarves, not balls.

A key point was that juggling is not multi-tasking but tossing or catching a single ball at a time.

Carol also informed us that her new book FOCUS has been published!

She will have a book-signing and sale on Sunday June 28 at the Moravian Book Store @1pm

In addition, we helped one of our members sort out a pricing issue and gave some encouragement about capabilities.

We shared chapter info including Power Membership, the June 23 program, and the suggestion that the Chapter help to pay for our meeting space. With only a small number present, we deferred discussion of the latter.

Six people attended, 3 of whom drove an hour or more to join us. They came from Jim Thorpe, Drums, and Harleysville.

Attendees were :

Vince Fazio

Denise Fizel - new chapter member

Karen Lubrecht

Marilyn Marles

Carol-Anne Minski

Brad Shike - member of the Philadelphia chapter

We agreed that we would extend a reciprocal relationship with the PHL chapter as we do with Central PA.

Our June meeting will be a review of the book The Advantage, led by Heather Uczynski.

July’s topic will be a discussion of the various assessments that we use, led by Vince Fazio.

Note, the July meeting will be at a different location on Kutztown Univ campus: Career Development Center conference room (Stratton Admin Building - 1st floor).

August - no meeting

Marilyn Marles


Appendix C: 16 June 2015 NAC Call Agenda

Topic / Description



Desired Outcomes and preparation notes

Welcome – review agenda



Welcome chapter leaders

ATD updates

Wendy Leedy


Be sure to review the LCN (Chapter Leader Connection Newsletter) available on chapter leaders website, https://www.td.org/Members/Chapters/Chapter-Leader-Community/Communications.aspx?tab=0

Sharing our Success (SOS)



Chapter of the month for June – NE Wisconsin

Succession Planning



We will be discussing great approaches to succession planning for chapter leaders, how to get and keep great volunteers leaders. We will present best practices from fellow chapters and have a short show and tell from your peers.



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