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Eastern PA ATD July 2015 Board Meeting

07/10/2015 10:36 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

Eastern PA ATD Chapter

Board Meeting Minutes

10 July 2015





Board Members:

Present:   (checked)

ü  Danny Carrion

o   Andy Cook

o   Erin DeStefanis

o   Kate Jendral

  • Rick Kerner

o   Lizabeth Kleintop

ü  Karen Lubrecht

ü  Marilyn Marles

ü  Mary Frances Mika

  • Pooja Rudra

ü  Peggy Salvatore

  • Suzanne Wagner

ü  Joan Zachary

  • Joel Zingone

Others Present:


The meeting was opened with the recording started at noon.

Welcome to day 183 of the year. At noon, we are half way through the year!

In attendance:

Action Item Status

  • o   Business Acumen results.– Joan – Attached separately.
  • o   Status of the Chamber Membership. - Peggy
  • o   Budget. – Karen – Proposed Budget in Appendix A. A link will be sent to vote yes/no on the attached proposed budget.
  • o   Chapter VP of Marketing – Welcome Danny Carrion to this position. He is a great addition to this board.

o   Ad for VP of Membership - We have two people interested in this position and are talking with them. Joan and I will bring the results of the conversation to the group for further comments.

  • o   Audit status. – Mary Frances. -  Scheduled for the week of July 20th. 
  • o   Risk Assessment – Karen – in progress.
  • ·         I have new form and am trying to repopulate it to be edited by the board moving forward.


VP and Director Reports

  • o   Chapter VP of Finance from Mary Frances Mika - Financial Report in Appendix B.
  • o   Chapter VP of Admin from Suzanne Wagner - Report in Appendix C.
  • o   Chapter VP of Communications from Pooja Rudra
  • o   Chapter VP of Marketing - Danny Carrion has just stepped into this position.
  • o   Chapter VP Membership and Volunteers – Position not yet filled.
  • o   Chapter VP of Programs and Events from Erin DeStefanis - Report in Appendix D.
  • ·         EI is Emotional Intelligence.
  • ·         At this point, I have not received a compilation of the suvey results.
  • o   Chapter VP of Pocono GIG from Kate Jendral –  She has not reached out to me or the group to the best of my knowledge. I will try to reach out to her again to determine the status.
  • o   Chapter VP of Reading GIG from Position not yet filled -
  • o   Director of Best Practices for Interals SIG from Joan Zachary – The next meeting will be at BBraum. Joan will supply Mary Frances with the number of attendees for the meeting and the tour.
  • o   Director of Book Club from Joel Zingone.
  • o   Director of Consultants Forum SIG from Marilyn Marles
  • ·         The last meeting was small but had a wonderful discussion as usual.
  • ·         The July meeting will be held at Kutztown University due to a lack of air conditioning at the usual location.
  • ·         Due to complications with the logistics for paying for the location, a decision about the Chapter contributing in order to keep the SIG a free event is still under consideration.
  • o   Director of eLearning SIG from Karen Lubrecht.
  • ·         The July 20th meeting on active learning will be of interest to those beyond the eLearning community.

New Items

  • o   ALC - https://www.td.org/Members/Chapters/Chapter-Leader-Community/Leadership-Development/ALC-New 
  • ·         Please note the availability of Events Mobile App
  • ·         At extended meeting, we decided to send the full board. (lodging 2/room and registration)
  • ·         Dinner together on the chapter on Friday to debrief?
  • ·         Please share your expectations of attendance and travel times. I would like to register at least a group of 5 by July 31 to take advantage of the discount. Please let Joan or me know your intentions. We can continue this discussion at atd-epa@googlegroup,com
  • o   Orientation of new board members.
  • ·         Mary Frances has found someone who is interested in taking VP of Finance and would like to provide an orientation period at the end of this year.
  • ·         We should consider holding the vote for Board positions online about mid-October to allow time for orientation and mentoring.
  • ·         For the sake of time and those who are not in attendance, discussion continued in the online group.
  • o   CHIP report from Erin Murphy, Manager, Chapter Services of ATD - Report in Appendix E.

For the good of the group

  • o   Reminder: Reach out to me with any issues you have with your responsibilities for the next month or so. I do my best to help you find a solution.
  • o   Date  and location of the next Board meeting

·         14 August 2015,  noon – 1 pm

·         online at:


Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (646) 749-3122
Access Code: 213-387-701
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 213-387-701


Meeting Adjourned at 12:39 pm

Minutes submitted by:  Karen Lubrecht

See separate posting for Appendix

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