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Eastern PA ATD July 2015 Board Meeting Part 2

07/10/2015 11:16 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

Appendix A: Proposed Budget







PowerMembership - Board member hardship


Wild Apricot for 2 years



Alc Conference - 8 members -

Individual $195 ($175 Early Bird if registered before July 31)                         Team $780 (5 leaders from the same chapter)


   car rental

estimate based on fees from Enterprise for vehicle seating 6 people for Thursday through Saturday, 8 - 10 Oct 2015. (2 day rental - 5 pm - 5 pm and use of key dropbox) includes mi, but not gas


   hotel -

$174/night offered for your stay between 10/7-10/12 if ordered by Sept 16


   tolls and gas

gas not included in rental. No tolls required?


Insurance - Hartford



Chamber of Commerce Membership

Needs to be updated to an organization membership?


Quickbooks annual fee

This should be the Mint fee, which is zero, moving forward.





Constant Contact



   monthly connection - 10.09 x 12



   annual payment & discount

133.56; updated by Pooja to $126


Discretion of President

board rewards, etc



for the rest of 2015. Does not include the first two events with the idea that the majority of events will pay for themselves moving forward.








Consultants Forum

Contribute part of venue fee of $35/mo for 11 mo



This slightly exceeds the checking account balance at this time. There are also funds in savings.


Balances at the end of June:                          in Checking - $12,500.12.                                       in Savings  - $13,730.26




membership est. - 100 x $45

Appendix B: Financial Report for June from Mary Frances Mika

8 July 2015


Beginning balance - $12,535.11

Deposits                                   0

Debits                              $34.99

(printing of surveys. Don't have hard copy of receipt)

Ending balance -       $12,500.12



Beginning balance - $13,729.33

Interest                     $           .93

Ending balance -      $13,730.26


The audit is scheduled for the week of July 20th. 


Appendix C: VP of Technology Report for June from Suzanne Wagner


Double click on the icon to see the report.



Appendix D: Programs and Events Report for June from Erin DeStefanis


2014 - 2015 ATD Eastern Chapter

Program and Events Committee

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2:00 -2:30 p.m. ET


In Attendance

Erin DeStefanis

Maria Georgiou


Carole-Anne Minski

Not Present

Doris Clegg- Member has officially retired and will no longer be engaging with chapter.

  • I.            Welcome & Roll Call
  • II.          Discussion of proposed events:
  • a.   Meeting space
  •                                          i.    Marriott most competitive of all
  •                                         ii.    Marriott willing to provide discounted combo pricing
  •                                       iii.    Will need to first evaluate member experience, services, and professionalism of site
  •                                       iv.    Assuming all goes well and no challenges exist, meeting will be scheduled in July to confirm all events allowing for appropriate member outreach
  • b.   Roundtable
  •                                          i.    Morning/early afternoon scheduling
  •                                         ii.    Free event-light refreshments provided
  •                                       iii.    Engage members/nonmembers
  •                                       iv.    Topics for discussion; benefits of membership, opportunities for development, opportunities for networking
  •                                        v.    Encourage members to bring their leadership to gain better understanding of chapter
  • c.   Formal-Professional Development
  •                                          i.    2.5-3 hours
  •                                         ii.    Shawn Kent Hayashi to possibly present on Emotional Intelligence- http://yourtalentatwork.com/about/about-shawn-hayashi/
  •                                       iii.    EI for teams relevant and timely
  •                                       iv.    High value (ROI) for members
  •                                        v.    Pricepoint $25 and will include dinner
  • 1.   For those in transition this could be a hindrance.
  • 2.   For those working the field, price will not present a challenge.
  • 3.   A balanced approach in events/programming should be taken to meet audience/member needs (networking & development).
  • d.   Chapter Meeting
  •                                          i.    1.5 hour event
  •                                         ii.    $10 per person to cover operational costs and light food & beverage
  •                                       iii.    Speaker providing content at no cost
  • III.       Summer Chapter Event
  • a.   Registration- Karen will manage.
  • b.   Food & beverage-Ordered by COB 6/16/15-Contact out of office. 4 calls made (possible factor for future meetings).
  • c.   Door prizes-Maria to present on behalf of committee.
  • d.   Tickets with Karen. Bag is with Rick.
  • IV.        Speaker Inquiry Chapter Opportunity
  • a.   Meeting with facilitator to occur on 6/16/15
  • b.   Summary to follow
  • V.           Action Items
  • a.   Provide feedback regarding speaker inquiry.
  • b.   Maria to represent committee at Summer Chapter event
  • c.   Doodle poll for July meeting to be distributed in the week of 6/29/2015.


ATD Eastern Chapter Speaker Proposal

September/October event

  • 1.0        Hour in length

No charge for services or content

Reimbursement only of mileage and tolls

Facilitator: Bobbi-Jo Romanishan

Website: http://brightlifebeing.com/

Bobbi-Jo is interested in presenting on the topic of Self-talk for teams using theoretical and research based techniques core to individuals and organizations. Case studies to be provided illustrate how self-talk can be used to improve leadership skills, team collaboration, and improve overall operational effectiveness.  Attendees will learn how to recognize resistance and develop an understanding of the stages of change to move team members away from the stuck modality.

Appendix E: Programs and Events Report for June from Erin Murphy


July 2015

Dear Chapter Leaders,

Congratulations on your chapter’s successful participation in ATD’s Chapter Incentive Program (ChIP). A check (or an electronic funds transfer receipt if you have direct deposit) for the revenue that your chapter earned in the first quarter of 2015 will be sent via US Post. A detailed summary of your chapter’s commissions is listed below and each board member will receive a copy of this message.

Chapter: Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Board



Technology Conference (TK)


Certificate Programs:


Telling Ain’t Training:


Total Q1 Commissions:



Thank you for your continued partnership in marketing ATD products and programs. We encourage you to continue letting your chapter members know about your chapter code when ordering online through the ATD Store.

If you have any questions about ChIP, please visit http://www.astd.org/chip or chapter services manager. Thank you for your leadership!

Best regards,

Erin Murphy, Manager, Chapter Services

(emurphy@astd.org, 703.683.8121)

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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