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Eastern PA ATD September 2015 Board Meeting

09/14/2015 11:31 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)
September Meeting Minutes September 11, 2015

In attendance:

In person: Danny Carrion, Peggy Salvatore, Leslie Smith, Joan Zachary

By phone: Karen Lubrecht, Angie Merkle, Suzanne Wagner

Action Items

o ALC –transportation and logistics Chapter members attending: Joan, Karen, Danny, Leslie, Suzanne, Rick Kerner, Andy Cook (presenting) Joan offered to drive, will take Leslie and Danny. We will do our best to be in Alexandria in time for the Thursday night networking. Karen is leaving from Harrisburg on her own; Suzanne is coming from West Chester. Rick and Andy are heading down early and Andy will catch a ride home with someone (probably Karen?).

o Fall programs through the end of the year o We agreed that the agenda for the rest of the year looks pretty good. Signups are healthy, especially for the October meeting; it’s good to already have nine people signed up so far ahead. We can always use more; bear in mind that many signups are at the last minute.

o 11/12/15- ATD Eastern PA Chapter-Special Breakfast Event – We would like to hear more from Erin and the Program Committee about this event, i.e. audience (are we still trying to attract senior talent development professionals?) and how we can market this event to the Lehigh Valley and beyond, to raise visibility for the Eastern PA chapter. It’s our understanding that there will be no charge to guests for this event. 

o Gamification certification: Among board members present, there is definite interest in gamification. However, we were not sure that this particular speaker will fit our needs. We discussed the possibility of bringing in Karl Kapp; he’s a nationally recognized expert, lives in Pennsylvania, and already spoke to the chapter through the eLearning SIG. Our biggest interest is not in the technical aspects of gamification, but more in the basic concepts, the brain research behind it, and how to sell gamification to upper management. 

o Possible participation in Employee Learning Week, December 7 - 11 (www.td.org/ELW): We will be giving this some further thought, and reviewing the ELW section on the ATD website for ideas. This is an excellent opportunity to raise visibility in the community. It was suggested that even adding the ELW logo to our email signatures would be a good thing to do. 

o Budget update and audit status – The financial review is almost complete. The accountant is asking for documents, which Karen will try to locate. A number of important documents are located on various drives and in various locations. Joan asked Karen to pull all these documents together in one place. 

o Boardspectives: Suzanne would appreciate it if the board could submit their October Boardspectives items to her (and the President's desk item), so that she can add to the communication while Pooja is away and send it on her behalf in October. 

o Suzanne’s capstone: Suzanne’s capstone idea got a big thumbs-up from the board. It will be a great way of documenting some pretty complex processes, as well as a boost to succession planning. 

o Linked In – Danny asked about Linked In groups for the chapter. It turns out that we have three group! Suzanne passed on links and encourages everyone to join. Click the links below and if you’re not a member, Suzanne will sign you up. Best Practices for Internal Trainers: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=2495928 E-Learning SIGPrivate Group: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=3380087 Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter ATD: https://www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=2048856 VP and Director Reports 

o Chapter VP of Finance from Mary Frances Mika – Mary Frances is in Texas. 

o Chapter VP of Admin from Suzanne Wagner - Aging Receivables and Income reports are at the end of the agenda 

o Chapter VP of Communications from Pooja Rudra – out of the country until mid-October, Suzanne covering for her while she’s gone

o Chapter VP of Marketing – Danny Carrion. Danny asked for help with the Chamber of Commerce. Peggy passed on a contact name, and Joan will forward emails that she has been receiving from the Chamber. 

o Chapter VP Membership and Volunteers – Angela Merkle and Leslie Smith. Angie and Leslie are poking around in Wild Apricot. 

o Chapter VP of Programs and Events from Erin DeStefanis • As an update, all fall/winter events have been finalized and are under contract. • Holiday party - 12/8/15 

o Chapter VP of Pocono GIG from Kate Jendral – Kate is traveling again. 

o Chapter VP of Reading GIG from Position not yet filled - 

o Director of Best Practices for Internals SIG from Joan Zachary – next meeting at Lutron, 9/18/15 We are looking for hosts and topics for 2016.

 o Director of Book Club from Joel Zingone – September 29, 7 PM, Wegmans in Bethlehem. 

o Director of Consultants Forum SIG from Marilyn Marles –There was no Consultants Forum meeting in August as that is our off month. September’s info is up on the website and in emails - thanks! Beginning October, Marilyn may be doing some training in Qatar - not sure if she will be in town for the Board meeting. 

o Director of eLearning SIG from Karen Lubrecht – Karen had to leave the meeting before this report. For the good of the group 

o Date and location of the next Board meeting • October 16, 2015, noon – 1 pm. If there are no objections, we will once again meet at Martin Guitar. Those who can’t make it to Nazareth are welcome to call in. This meeting will be an ALC recap, so if you can’t make it to ALC yourself, it will be a good time to catch up.


  • 09/15/2015 11:48 AM | Rick Kerner (Administrator)
    I looks like there is lots of activity! Nicely done. :)
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