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Eastern PA ATD October 2015 Board Meeting

10/20/2015 4:07 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

October Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2015

In attendance:  In person:  Angie Merkle, Mary Frances Mika, Joan Zachary 
By phone:  Danny Carrion, Karen Lubrecht, Marilyn Marles, Pooja Rudra, Suzanne Wagner

Member Survey:  We discussed the member survey, balancing our desire for good data against the need to keep the survey brief, so it won’t overwhelm respondents.  Pooja is working on a draft, with help from Danny; suggestions are always welcome from other members.  ACTION ITEM:  A draft will be available for review by the last week of October, for distribution to members in November.

Elections:The slate of officers for 2016 is shaping up.  We went over the open positions and in our discussion, realized that there are several positions where the duties overlap.  It may be possible to shift some duties around for a better fit and more efficiency.

For example, the positions in the green shaded cells below all overlap in some way.  Danny suggested that if the VP Communications and VP Marketing roles could be joined, then he would be interested in moving into the VP Program and Events role.  What’s more, Suzanne says that there are many tasks now under the VP Technology that are really more communication-related; if they could go to the VP Communications, the VP Technology could spend more time on the website and other technology-related tasks that would ultimately bring more value to our members.  Going from four board positions to three will make it easier for us to fill these roles from our small chapter.

We also need a President-Elect and someone to take over the Best Practices for Internals SIG




Joan Zachary

Past President (with CARE responsibility)

Karen Lubrecht



VP Finance

Maria Georgiou (Mary Frances Mika will onboard)

VP Membership

Angie Merkle & Leslie Smith

VP Program and Events

Vacant (Erin DeStefanis is stepping down in 2016)

VP Communications

Pooja Rudra

VP Technology

Suzanne Wagner (job description may change)

VP Marketing

Danny Carrion

BPFI Director

Joan Zachary (but would like to pass it on)

Director Consultants SIG

Marilyn Marles/Linda Friscia-Oppe

Director eLearning SIG

Karen Lubrecht (but would like to pass it on)

Directors at large

Andy Cook, Rick Kerner, Peggy Salvatore


1.      Pooja, Suzanne and Danny will further investigate the overlap in their roles and come up with revised job descriptions by the end of October.
2.      All board members need to review their job descriptions and update them by the next board meeting on November 13.
3.      Put out the word to the general membership about all vacancies:  President-Elect, BPFI Director, Director eLearning SIG.

ALC – We had a roundtable from all present who had also attended ALC last week.  What was the most useful takeaway for you?

Suzanne:  Suzanne’s favorite session was the last one, with other VPs of Technology.  She found it very helpful in her project to write an onboarding package for future VPs of Technology in our chapter.  She also found out that we have technology resources through Rick Kerner that need to be investigated further, so we can get the most out of them.

Danny:  Ideas Danny found useful:  1) starting Leadership Council, to attract C-suite leaders and learn from them, 2) attracting national members who are not chapter members; 3) doing “road show” events, where we would meet at places we don’t normally go, to learn something new.

Karen:  1) Further information on risk assessment (we will have a chapter risk assessment report at November’s meeting); 2) making meetings opportunities for networking and information sharing; 3) At the Pittsburgh chapter, they got some CPA students to do their annual audit, which was affordable and gave the students some good experience.

VP and Director Reports

o   Chapter VP of Finance from Mary Frances Mika – Our audit went well, with no issues.  We do need to work on some lapses in paperwork that have accumulated over the years.
o   Chapter VP of Admin from Suzanne Wagner - Aging Receivables and Income reports are at the end of the agenda
o   Chapter VP Membership and Volunteers – Angela Merkle and Leslie Smith.  Angie and Leslie are working around their schedules to continue to divide the duties in this role.
o   Chapter VP of Programs and Events from Erin DeStefanis – Erin is traveling.
o   Director of Best Practices for Internals SIG from Joan Zachary – The September meeting at Lutron went very well, with eleven in attendance.  We are looking for hosts and topics for 2016.
o   Director of Book Club from Joel Zingone – Our September meeting went very well, with three in attendance.  We are always open to ideas for future books to read.
o   Director of Consultants Forum SIG from Marilyn Marles –see report attached to the agenda.

For the good of the group

o   Date  and location of the next Board meeting
November 13, 2015,  noon – 1 pm.  If there are no objections, we will once again meet at Martin Guitar.  Those who can’t make it to Nazareth are welcome to call in.  

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