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Eastern PA ATD November 2015 Board Meeting

11/22/2015 8:16 AM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

ATD Eastern PA Board Meeting Minutes

Date: November 13, 2015

Location: Martin Guitar


1.       Joan Zachary - Martin
2.       Karen Lubrecht – call-in
3.       Suzanne Wagner – call-in
4.       Leslie Smith - Martin
5.       Mary Frances Mika – call-in
6.       Danny Carion – call-in
7.       Peggy Salvatore – Martin

Agenda Items:

1.       Election slate is set.
·         All roles are filled except President-elect and Director of the elearning SIG slots are open. Joan has a potential lead for the elearning SIG position.
·         Suzanne to post voting survey, responses due Wednesday Nov. 25
·         Peggy will write first blog to membership about voting
2.       The results of our survey showed a few themes –
·         Members would like us to grow the membership
·         Members would like more meetings at various locations throughout our geographic area, Bethlehem is not convenient for everyone
·         Discussion around reviving the Reading GIG because there is interest from a few businesses in that area (Deka Battery, Carpenter)
·         Peggy will write second blog on survey results
·         We discussed that the board must take action on the survey results so it is meaningful
3.       Employee Learning Week –
·         Philadelphia chapter has invited  our members to participate in its  ELW recognition dinner from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Dec 9 at the Doubletree in Center City Philadelphia. Joan Zachary would like to attend to support them and is looking for other Eastern PA who would like to carpool.
·         Suzanne will post Rick’s ELW video on our website and the link to the Phila. Event
·         Joan would like to cooperate more with Phila Chapter next year, and will discuss with  2016 Phila President Mary Conley
4.       Risk Assessment
·         Current 2015 board members must complete their section by the next board meeting.
·         Must be completed for CARE by the end of the year.
·         Joan will break the risk assessment document into individual one-page documents for each board position.
5.       LaSalle Sponsorship
·         With Bobbe Baggio gone, we need to connect w/ her successor to find out if LaSalle wants to continue their sponsorship.  Suzanne will reach out to LaSalle.
·         Sponsorship terms: $368/year gets promo on our website and promo mention at every meeting.
·         We will look to get more sponsorships. NCC and DeSales possible?
·         Joan will look into other sponsorship options such as tiers, individual meeting sponsorships, corporate sponsorships, etc.
6.       Finance
·         Our checking account is about $8,000, which is low from our usual ~$13K.
·         We attribute the drop partially to a lot of expenses this month related to ALC
·         Low balance partially attributable to lack of Certificate Programs in our chapter which made us a few thousand dollars a year. Joan will talk to Dave Frankel and look into bringing the Certificate Programs back.
7.       Membership
·         Leslie had very nice ATD note cards printed so she can send out physical thank you notes.
8.       Programs
·         Danny is taking over as VP of Programs from Erin and thinking about ideas for 2016. Will solicit RFPs from members who’d like to present
·         Holiday Events – 10 registered, 9 are free for filling out survey. At Courtyard Dec 8 5:30 to 8 p.m. Agenda: recognition of members, 2015 review, “Training Thunderdome” (members sign up in advance for 5 minutes of fame)

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