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Vote Now for the ATD Eastern PA Slate of Fabulous 2016 Volunteer Board Members!

11/29/2015 5:05 PM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

Cast your vote here.

“It’s that time of year again.”

What time of year is that?

“Election time.”

Grooooannnn… does that mean I have to sit through more speeches by long-winded, overly confident blovating hot heads?

“Nah. Not at all! It’s not that kind of election. All you have to do is go to this survey and vote yea, nay, or fill-in-the-blank to cast your support (or cast out another idea) for our chapter’s 2016 board members.”

But, nobody has any opposition. Why should I even bother to vote? It doesn’t matter anyway.

“Yes, it does! First, it kinda makes it official so that people aren’t just appointing themselves to posts to determine the direction of the chapter. Next, it gives a thumbs-up to the people who dedicate their time and energy to keep this chapter going.”

Okay, yes, I can do that. Where’s that link again?

“Right here. Click on this link and fill out the ballot. It will take you about a minute.”

Who’s running? Is it the same people every year?

“No. We get a lot of new faces and fresh ideas every few years. Being a board member is a three-year commitment, if your schedule and lifestyle allows you to fill out the whole term. Everyone who is running is a volunteer who was invited to devote a few hours a week to work for the chapter to come up with ideas for events, run them, keep the books, keep the website up to date, send out communications, and reach out to local companies and to other people in the training profession to invite them to be new members. You know, all the stuff that needs to be done to have a functional chapter.”

Sounds like a little work is involved. Why do people volunteer to do it?

“Being a board member is like membership on steroids. Board members get to know other chapter members better, and have a say in the kinds of programs and the direction the chapter takes. Our profession is changing and we have a lot of new challenges. It’s fun to help our colleagues meet the future.”

Hmmm, that sounds like something I might be interested in. Is there a way to sort of check it out without making a big commitment?

“Yup. Sure is. Our board needs committee members to get things done. They don’t do it all themselves. They really can’t. So if you can donate a few hours, it would be really helpful to the board and would also let you find out if you’d like to be more involved.”

Who can I contact to volunteer to help the board?

“Go to the Board of Directors page on our website, and you’ll find contact information. Contact a board member and we’ll find something for you to do.”

Okay, I’d like to volunteer to reach out to new members, so I think I’ll contact the Co-VPs of Membership next year, Angela Merkle and Leslie Smith. And I’ll go to this link to cast my vote of support for the people who are on the board for 2016.

“Thanks! We’re looking forward to another great year here at ATD in Eastern PA. And, by the way, here’s who’s on the ballot.”

  • President – Joan Zachary
  • President Elect – Open to current board members
  • Past President – Karen Lubrecht
  • VP of Technology – Suzanne Wagner
  • VP of Marketing & Communications – Pooja Rudra
  • VP of Programs –Danny Carrion
  • VP of Finance – Maria Georgiou
  • Co-VPs of Membership & Volunteers – Angela Merkle & Leslie Smith
  • Director, Best Practices For Internals SIG – Joan Zachary
  • Director, Consultants Forum –Marilyn Marles
  • Director, eLearning SIG – Open opportunity
  • Director, Book Club – Joel Zingone
  • Directors at large – Andy Cook, Rick Kerner, Peggy Salvatore

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