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Member Survey: You Asked For More Meetings, More Members So…Let’s Do It in 2016!

12/03/2015 11:57 AM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

In October, the chapter conducted our annual membership survey. In it, we found few surprises. In fact, you reinforced the very things the board is tackling for 2016. Board President Joan Zachary said, “The survey isn’t just a required document. It is an action plan for our board.”

Here’s what we’re doing.

You want more meetings near you. “Near you” can be Reading, Scranton or Easton PA. We’re working on scheduling more meetings around our geographic region.

You want more members to increase your networking base and to bring more activity to our activities. We are doing more outreach to bring in new members from large local corporate training departments, as well as doing more community outreach to other organizations with a similar workforce development mission.

You want more exciting activities and fewer “lectures”. Just for starters, we are introducing the “Training Thunderdome”, a brainchild of our VP of Programs Danny Carrion. If you like it at the holiday party, who knows? We could revive it for another event, make it a regular competition, have a championship round. Bring it!

You want us to keep communicating. We’re on it. You will keep getting our email notifications and you can opt out if you’d like. But even if you opt out, you won’t miss out, because we are ramping up our social media efforts, so look for more info on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Anybody wanna play with Blab or Periscope?

Survey Results

You’ve given us some targets. We asked five questions in our survey. Here is a sampling of your responses.

Q1: What can the Eastern PA Chapter of ATD start doing to give more value to your membership?

Survey said:

1.       Either inviting consultants to the regular training programs now reserved or internal trainers or establish a consultant group in the Lehigh Valley. You started one for a while and I did attend.
2.       More networking opportunities.
3.       More membership.
4.       I find it difficult to attend many events since they are in the Bethlehem area…maybe hold events in various locations around the Montco area? I would be able to attend more, and I’m sure more membership would come from it.

Q2: What might the Eastern PA chapter of ATD stop doing to give more value to your membership?

1.       …chapter events always being held at Courtyard by Marriott….do we know if the location is creating a barrier to attendance because of the distance/driving 22 at rush hour? Should we be holding these events at different locations since our membership covers a large geographic area.
2.       Reduce the number of reminder emails for events.
3.       Just do more. Don’t do less. All of the meetings had value to me. Most of the meeting had direct value to training.

Q3: What can the Eastern PA chapter of ATD continue doing to give more value to your membership?

Survey said:

1.       Continue to hold events that provide new ideas on how we can be better trainers
2.       Inviting and recruiting new members and ideas.
3.       Continue the SIG for internal trainers. Great learning and networking experiences.
4.       I like the email reminders.
5.       News & Notes – like the format of having a monthly communications that shows everything that is coming up.

Q4: What topics and speakers would you like to see at meetings?

Survey said:

1.       More topics around Organizational Development.
2.       Growth companies in 2016.
3.       More manufacturing-related topics. More speakers who are manufacturing gurus.
4.       New training methods for delivering training.
5.       Using metrics for meaningful ROI calculations.
6.       Effective use of electronic and social media in training remote groups.

Q5: Are there any other comment or suggestions you’d like to share?

Survey said:

1.       There is a great core group of Training Professionals that attend each meeting. It would be nice to discuss ways to draw in other trainers. There must be many others in the area that could attend. How can we get them to our meetings? In numbers, there is strength!
2.       I could just be unaware, [where I live] makes it difficult to participate. Is there a more local chapter that I could be a member of.
3.       To me the biggest issue is the very low number of members.
4.       Work toward keeping former (more active) volunteers engaged.
5.       More inclusiveness.

As we approach 2016, the chapter is putting together a roster of events and a plan to expand our outreach to current and prospective members. If you are a current member, reach out to a colleague or three and invite them to a chapter event with you. If you are not currently a member, come out to an event and introduce yourself.

We are at our strongest when our membership is involved. And besides, it’s more fun when you’re involved. We have enough tasks, big and small, for anyone with a free pair of hands or five free minutes. Contact either President Joan Zachary or membership VPs Angela Merkle and Leslie Smith to get more involved.

We’ll see you in the New Year!

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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