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Eastern PA ATD January 2016 Board Meeting

01/09/2016 8:25 AM | Elaine Turner (Administrator)

Board Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2016

Location:  C.F. Martin, Nazareth, PA

Present onsite: Joan Zachary, president; Rick Kerner, Danny Carrion, Peggy Salvatore

Present online: Karen Lubrecht, Suzanne Wagner, Marilyn Marles, Pooja Rudra, Maria Georgiou, Angela Merkle, Jeffrey Gehris (NAC)

  • 1.       Chapter Sponsor (Pooja): Michael Militus has purchased both a power membership for himself and a sponsorship for his organization, ComputerAid. He is involved with the Project Management Institute local chapter, as well, and has proposed joint meetings, specifically in June and December at the Iacocca Center at Lehigh University. SHRM may be a third co-brand on the Iacocca events. PMI will pay all the costs; our chapter’s involvement will strictly be to lend our brand and our membership to the event. Michael will be meeting with Pooja, Danny and Joan about ways to leverage our relationship; other interested board members are invited to attend.
  • 2.       Peak TV Promo (Pooja): She has spoken with local PeakTV about featuring our chapter on their weekly edition. PeakTV often features local groups such as United Way and the Young Professionals section of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • 3.       RFP for TTT (Danny): He put out an RFP to the Consultants’ Forum for any consultant who would like to present a program on Train the Trainer. He has received no responses so the message is being resent via email to consultants in the chapter, whether or not they are members of the Consultants’ Forum. If no consultants express an interest, the offer will be extended to internals who may be interested. Pooja and Danny will work on a communication to solicit interest; Peggy and Andy will assist.
  • 4.       CEO Forum (Danny): He is working on a CEO panel discussion and will extend invitations to local CEOs first by reaching out personally and following with a formal invitation on paper. The CEO panel discussion will be held at lunchtime. The topic will focus on what the C-Suite needs from talent development, and the topic will be further refined. Danny will include a section for questions with the registration form for the event so chapter members can help shape the discussion.
  • 5.       Consultant’s Forum (Marilyn): A second Consultant’s Forum location and time are under consideration pending a survey to consultants asking their preferable meeting days, times, and locations. The second CF may be run with a different focus and structure than the existing one that meets every other even month in Kutztown. The goal of the second CF is to meet needs of people who are not available to travel to Kutztown from Lehigh Valley and other further areas, and to determine if another meeting structure might better serve the needs of different consultants.
  • 6.       CF Wild Apricot (Marilyn): Rick and Joan have offered the Wild Apricot platform for the CF for registration and administrative tasks. The chapter will manage it as a service to the consultants. Marilyn recommends the CF continue to use the listserv as well. Joan, Pooja and Marilyn will craft a survey to determine needs that will be met by instituting a second CF.
  • 7.       Blog (Peggy): Will write a weekly blog. She is looking to the board for input for topics. She encourages comments to increase member engagement. Anyone who wishes to guest blog can contact Peggy to get on the schedule. Peggy will maintain the schedule and post the blogs.
  • 8.       Podcast (Rick): Will create a podcast/video for the spring meeting TBD. Peggy asked Rick if he could create a podcast ideally once a month that we could embed in the blog to add interest.
  • 9.       CARE (Karen): CARE is almost complete. She needs final membership numbers.
  • 10.   eLearning SIG (Karen): She is stepping down as director of the elearning SIG. Peggy suggested we suspend the SIG and consider refocusing it on micro/mobile learning and content curation topics.
  • 11.   Finance (Marie): She is meeting with Mary Frances Mika tonight to take over the finance role.
  • 12.   Technology (Suzanne): The rebranding by Rick looks great. She will continue to tweak and improve the site and will have more time to dedicate to the task after she finished school on May 20.
  • 13.   Membership (Angie): Membership is at 81, not including 15 outstanding renewals. She is querying non-renewals for their reasons for not renewing.
  • 14.   BPFI (Joan): The Best Practices SIG is scheduled for next week at Victaulic with 13 people already signed up.

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