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Elearning SIG Becomes Mobile Learning SIG

01/11/2016 8:43 AM | Deleted user

If you’ve been in training for 10 years or more, you’ve watched a revolution of the art and the science. What we learn, how we learn, who we learn from and why we learn – it’s all changing. It is changing because technology is changing, and it is changing because people are changing. “Social” means something different than it did only 10 years ago. Work relationships are changing – both our personal relationship to our work and our relationships with each other at work. “Social” means your relationships are happening online, on your smartphone, all the time.

In fact, if it ain’t online, it ain’t. (yes, that is a tweetable! @atdepa)

Remember CBT? Back in the not-so-distant day, computer-based training was the hot new thing. You could plant learners in front of a CRT – cathode ray tube for those who are acronym-challenged – and teach them stuff. The term CBT evolved into elearning, and the art of training design evolved, too.  That was oh-so-five-years-ago.

Now that we are accessing everything on our smartphones, the learning is getting smaller in size both in the way we chunk out information and the time we allot to it. Learning is organic. Learning is micro and learning is mobile. Think of it as “mLearning”.

In response to the fact that learning and training is evolving to meet the new way humans are wired to interact, our chapter is changing the name and the focus of the eLearning SIG to the Mobile Learning SIG. We are in the process of defining our mission, but we are preliminarily discussing exploration of issues like:

·         Mobile learning platforms

·         Mobile training design

·         Content curation

·         Mobile learning for reinforcement

·         Mobile learning as Just-in-Time Learning

We’d like to add to that list any topics that interest you that discuss the mobile technology, and the challenges and opportunities that mobile learning offers to talent development. The board is proposing to continue the eLearning SIG schedule of online webinars for the Mobile Learning SIG.

How Can I Get Involved?

I can hear you thinking: “Boy, this is great! How can I get involved?”

The Eastern PA Chapter is looking for a Mobile Learning SIG Director to take the lead on these sessions. At this time, the role includes scheduling and running the webinars quarterly on a Monday night at 7 p.m.  We use Go-To-Training for the sessions. You will have help finding speakers and topics because the board has a lot of ideas. You will also have help facilitating the sessions, if you’d like. We need a leader and a face to this venture.

Interested in leading the mobile learning charge for our chapter? Contact Joan Zachary  and we’ll take it from there.

Contribute to the discussion about Mobile Learning in the comment section.


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