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How Can We Better Use Social Media for Internal Communication and Community Outreach?

02/14/2016 10:00 AM | Deleted user

Social media presents a lot of opportunity for our chapter to increase member engagement and engagement with the talent development community outside the organization.

Here are a few ways we are using SoMe now, and some ways that we can consider using it for chapter building.

Engage with your chapter using the channels we have in place, and let us know ways that you would prefer to communicate with us. What isn’t on this list that you’d like to see here?

This Website: We built this website to increase the ways we can communicate with each other and update everyone instantaneously. Here you can

·         Find out what activities are coming up

·         Find other members and reach out to them

·         Read our board minutes to learn about our direction, our challenges and our opportunities

·         Sign up for events

·         Get member discounts

·         And more

What is the value of the website to you? What else would you like to see here? What is not important to you?

Facebook: Yes, you can connect with us on FB. We post events and notifications there.

How else can we use Facebook to enhance member engagement?

Twitter: For those of us who like instantaneous and brief high level communications, this is a terrific tool. Our Twitter handle is @atdepa

How can we use Twitter to engage with you better?

LinkedIn: This tool has become a major professional hub to learn about individuals, organizations and companies. The chapter’s LI presence gives us a place to talk to each other, post topics that interest us, get feedback on projects we are working on, and find out what each other is doing. LI has become your personal online resume and a career management tool, too. In this global 24/7 business environment, it is a great way to connect with peers around the world and find out what they are thinking and doing. Some of our members blog on LinkedIn, and you can interact with them there.

Do you like to engage on LI? How do you use it? How can we use it to improve member communication and community outreach?

Pinterest: How might we use this? Post professional checklists? Show examples of work? Other? Do we need a Pinterest account?

Periscope: This is one of my new personal favorite tools. You can download Periscope using your Twitter handle and find other Twitter users where you can connect with instant video. Some Periscope users live stream events. I have watched a street concert of a classical pianist who wheeled his grand piano onto a sidewalk on Manhattan’s lower east side. Periscope posts remain active for a brief time. The person who initiates the Periscope controls the video but those who join can comment and send “love” to the event thereby creating an interactive community.

How might we use Periscope with the chapter and community? Should we try Periscope for our events? Would it reduce attendance or would it generate interest and increase live attendance for people who can see what they are missing?

Blab: This is son-of-Periscope. Up to 4 people at one time can be on a screen and have a video conversation, and the person who initiates the Blab controls who else is on the screen. This is very cool for small meetings.

Might this be a good tool for quick subcommittee meetings? What other ways can we use this kind of a tool to increase member engagement and community outreach? Can we sponsor a “Blab” discussion on a training topic?

Other tools like Blab and Periscope are out there, too. These are just the ones I am familiar with and use. I see professionals using them for significant discussions with peers.

SoMe is Part of an Ongoing Conversation

For many years, our chapter has been using email as our main member engagement tool. Does that work best for you? Also, we have hosted webinar events and we have attempted a simulcast chapter meeting where we used video hookup between two sites to tie two geographies together. Internally, the board uses a Google group to communicate, and the Consultant’s Forum has been using a ListServ.

Our marketing and communications committees are growing . With new members, we have the opportunity to institute some new ways of doing things. As our chapter evolves and grows, let’s think about ways to use the tools at our disposal to increase interest in the chapter, grow our relationships with our community and leverage them for training and education.

What are some of the social media channels, tools and tactics you would like to see the Eastern PA chapter use? Please comment or connect with one of our board members to discuss your thoughts.


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