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Welcome to Our New Blog By Peggy Salvatore, President-Elect

02/26/2011 9:47 AM | Deleted user

The Eastern PA ASTD Chapter is happy to be in the vanguard of ASTD National's new website design led by our own fearless President Rick Kerner who has volunteered to go where no other chapter leaders have gone before - in the company of the intrepid group assembled from around the country to test out the new site's functionality.

Our new website program sponsored by the non-profit and government website design application Wild Apricot will give us lots of new capabilities like membership tracking and event registration, in addition to cool things like blogging capabilities. And all of this for a low-cost, non-profit rate! We are soaring into the 21st Century now, and it's especially exciting for some of our techie folks who are getting to play with the new web toys in Wild Apricot.

Right now, the old and new sites are in transition- we're one foot in and one foot out. What that means for you, the user, is that sometimes you may still get sent to our old ASTD Eastern PA site and sometimes, if you register for a free event, for example, you'll be sent to our new site. When all the website gnomes have a meeting in cyberspace to integrate functionality, and the gnomes' lawyers all agree, we will migrate to one integrated site - and the stars will once again be aligned and all will be well in the cosmos.

Until then, we're happy you've found our new ASTD Eastern PA blog at our new home, and we enthusiastically invite you to participate. The comment section is open to all members, so sign in and say hi.

Our goal is for this blog to be one more place to start conversations and develop ideas. Shortly, we'll start posting blogs on substantive issues and programs relative to our professional interests - leadership, organizational development, human performance, testing, instructional design, facilitation and training methodologies, and more. And, as part of our chapter's concern for our economic environment, we will want to continue to offer this space as a place to gather and discuss ideas about ways our chapter and our members can contribute to the growth and success of the Lehigh Valley.

Thanks for being here in this place today, and join us as we continue to grow and expand our website, specifically, and our new economy, generally.

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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