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Getting ready for those lazy, hazy, crazy. . . By Peggy Salvatore, President-Elect

05/23/2011 12:55 PM | Deleted user

This is a test. . .who remembers the rest? Rick has a $5 Wegman’s gift card for the answer – right Rick? Insert your answer in the comment section below – ya gotta be the first!


Memorial Day is here, and wasn’t it just Christmas?  Christmas is when we were taking a holiday break before we went back to work and instituted all our new plans in January. And here we are already, feeling accomplished. Hmmmmm.


Now we are heading into summer, that time when we take a holiday break and rest up so we can go back to work in September and begin that new project. So that, by Christmas, we’ll feel. . .accomplished.


And the point is, are we ever really finished with what we’re here to do? Well, yes, but somebody else needs to water the daisies. Until then, we’re on a mission, and in ASTD I have met lots of people who aren’t just working; they are mission-driven. My observation is that the human performance and training field tends to attract people who want to make the world a better place and really care about people. “People” people. And for people like that, the job is never done.


We are heading into a new year at ASTD because 2012 begins now. We are doing our succession planning and looking for volunteers to help at events as speakers, facilitators, greeters and, if you have the time and interest, join us on the board. When you join the board, it isn’t about pulling through somebody else’s plans for the future, but imagining, contributing and getting a lot of support for pulling through your own vision for what this organization will be next year, and in the next decade.


Human performance has never been more important. Companies have to develop better products and deliver superior services with less money, less people, and less resources. That’s where we come in. Our jobs, as trainers, educators, motivators and performance analysts, are critical in re-arranging and reinforcing the resources to meet these new demands. How can we, as your local chapter, help support you in doing your job better?


The mission continues. Plans are being made. You are welcome to jump in and join us. We need your energy, enthusiasm and knowledge in the field to support your fellow human performance and training experts.


That is, after you’ve had a long, lazy, hazy, crazy. . .holiday.


(and for $5, the answer is. . .)

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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