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Consultant's Express Is Chugging Along By Peggy Salvatore, President-Elect

09/21/2011 12:10 PM | Deleted user

This morning, The Consultant’s Express met at Panera on McArthur Road. The topic was Qualifying Clients, but as often happens, the topic veers to what people really want to talk about. And that can be just about anything else that is on their plates or on their minds that day.

So, once we check in with everybody to make sure they got what they needed out of our announced topic, the conversation turned to several other issues we deal with in training. One of our attendees, Vince Fazio, brought up the issue of turning training into action. It’s about getting the information from the head into the heart, where people internalize new ideas and skills – and can apply them and make them their own.

“Making Training Stick” became our sub-topic for awhile. Marna Hayden said she has thought about giving away follow-up training just to be able to come back and make sure they got it and they’re using it. We talked about the value of giving away follow-up training, or really any kind of value-added service, and had a few different ideas on how much you give away and how much you need to build into your price. Ultimately, the trainer that checks back in with the client to make sure they are satisfied, and to see if they need anything else, shows they are invested in the outcomes. That makes the consultant a partner, not just an outsider. The client is happy to know the consultant isn’t gone when the check clears. And it is a great way to build relationships and business.

Even though the conversation veered in many directions this morning, we found all the consultants engaged in the topic(s) and we all came away with a new business card, a lead, or an idea.

The Express meeting format, one hour a month at a Panera’s between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Tuesdays at locations all around the Lehigh Valley, is well received by our members. We’d like to make sure we are offering the topics you want to talk about. So if you have an idea for a training topic for ASTD Express or a topic for our Consultant’s Express, send us an email or use the comment section in this blog.

Some future topic ideas for the Consultant’s Express generated by the group today: 

  • ·         Marketing Show and Tell: Bring your marketing ideas and get feedback
  • ·         Working with HR
  • ·         Measuring ROI for Clients

What else would you like to talk about at 8 a.m. at Paneras? Chime in!

If you want to share you topic ideas, contact Suzanne Weaver (astedepa.programs@gmail.com) or Peggy Salvatore (president.elect.astdepa@gmail.com).

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