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We’re 50, We’re An Organizational Baby Boomer! And Baby, We Are Booming! By Peggy Salvatore, President-Elet

12/30/2011 8:05 AM | Deleted user

The year is 1962. John F. Kennedy is in the White House. The Needle is all the buzz at the Seattle World’s Fair. Postage stamps are 4 cents.  The King is Elvis Presley. And the ASTD Eastern PA Chapter is born.

Let me start off our Golden Anniversary by welcoming all of you to the New Year. I am very honored to be your president in this special year.  We want to make it special for you, so let me tip you off that we are planning a Golden Anniversary Special Event Celebration in June – stay tuned for details as we work them out.

That means that this year is all about the gold. Going for the gold. . .the golden oldies. . .turning lead into gold (or, for our consultants, is that turning “leads” into gold?) . . .silence is golden – oh, no, forget that. You WILL continue to hear from us in 2012.

And if the Mayans are correct, and the world ends on December 21, I promise we will have gone out in style. And if it doesn’t, we will have set ourselves up for continued growth and success for the next 50 years.

Stay tuned for details about our 50th Anniversary Celebration. We hope to see friends, old and new, all throughout the year as we grow stronger in the Lehigh Valley, increase our presence in the Poconos and expand into Reading.

2012. . . a golden opportunity to grow and celebrate. Let’s take it!

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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