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ASTD Eastern PA News Release

For Immediate Release ASTD Eastern PA contact: Andy Cook

ASTD Awards the Eastern PA Chapter

Chapter of the Month Honor

Allentown, PA, December 5, 2011 – The Eastern PA of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) was named an ASTD Chapter of the Month (COM) for December, 2011. The COM is national recognition for ASTD local chapters that have demonstrated strength, growth, and innovation in managing their chapter.

Jennifer Tomarchio, chair of ASTD’s Chapter Recognition Committee, which awards the Chapter of the Month honor, said, ”This prestigious award recognizes Eastern PA’s chapter for demonstrating innovative and unique approaches in providing great value to their members and workplace learning professionals in the community, including professional development, networking, and leading information about trends in the workplace learning industry. The Eastern PA Chapter is a leading example for serving members and other ASTD chapter leaders with opportunities to learn and grow from each other. We are pleased to recognize the chapter with ASTD’s Chapter of the Month award,” Tomarchio said.

Rick Kerner, chapter President, explained that Eastern PA has led the way in several national efforts, including taking one of the leading roles in developing a new website and chapter membership management model for chapters around the country; building the chapter’s meetings to more than 80 a year – many of them free; and developing an email system that is a model for other chapters around the country.

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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