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Mission and Values

The Consultants Forum is a community of independent consultants in the Lehigh Valley/Berks County regions who come together in the spirit of collaboration and continuous learning, in order to:

  • Share resources, expertise and best practices;

  • Encourage professional growth;

  • Enable the best in one another;

  • Identify and refer consulting opportunities.

Code of Ethics

We will:

  • Create and maintain a safe, non-competitive environment.
  • Respect each other's clients/prospects, processes, technology and materials.
  • We will not misuse information received from other group members to further our own gains at a group member's expense.
  • When in doubt regarding the ethics of a specific situation, we will ask for the other person's guidance and permission.
  • Maintain confidentiality of group meetings and discussions.
  • What is said within the group stays within the group.
  • Represent our credentials, qualifications, experience and ability fairly and accurately to other group members.
  • Value each other's personal and professional differences.
  • Provide honest, caring feedback to each other.
  • Limit membership to external training and organization development consultants and those making the transition into external consulting.
  • Forum members will be required to join either the Eastern PA chapter.
  • Limit Membership to those in consulting firms of five or fewer employees.

ATD Eastern PA Chapter
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